Monday, March 15, 2010


I am taking a little (work) retreat to my parent's house. It's nice. I love how quiet it is and how I can finally get some work done...with really good coffee.

I did my 2D painting journal so i decided to get some pictures together perhaps for the wedding...but I found some really great ones that I just want to post somewhere.

My family is incredible; I had the best childhood growing up due to really strong parental and grandparental presence.

Some of these pictures are just so potent that they overwhelm me. I will explain as I go.

My Grandma and Grandpa Butherus (George and Irva--I have her ring)

My Grandma and Grandpa Cooper (Barbara and Jerry)

My Cooper Grandparents--isn't Grandma beautiful???

Mom (yellow shirt) has a very Brooke face on...and Grandpa has a black eye?

I was born to love horses. (L to R) My aunt Marcia, Grandma, and Mommy (and her tiny horse and doggy)

Mom and Dad get married. Doesn't Grandpa look so cool?

The new Family. (notice how this is the same church my Butherus grandparents got married would have been ideal to get married here, but logistically, I don't think we'd get all our family and friends to Culbertson, Nebraska...but I really like the idea of one church being like a circle: life together begins and ends it was with the Butherus')

My Grandma and her three brothers (l to r) Paul, Frances, and George (her twin. Twins skip a generation, watch out brooke and seth!)

Me and my Grandpa Butherus. Grandpa passed a way a year and a day ago today.

But I have these precious memories and pictures to go to.

Lacey and I got red ribbons. Why did Dustin get the blue? Not fair. ;)

I kind of lost it when I saw this picture. I loved that horse, Arapahoe. And then look at lace in her sweatsuit. And then I realized....that's where Seth proposed. That's when I lost it.

I thought it was such a fancy trick. Millie was my favorite horse; she was all mine.

I am really into family right now. Seth's sister Sarah, just had her baby, Tyler Dean, on Saturday, and his sister Abby, is due in about a week. It's all just so new and overwhelming and extremely moving. I can't wait for the Forwoods to begin.

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