Friday, September 9, 2011

Really, Any Day Now.

nothing too exciting today. but for the record:

How far along?
39 weeks plus, and i'm done.
How big is baby? last week's appointment they said he's kind of small. 6lbs 9oz. But everything looks fine and good according to the ultrasound and biophysical, so this is me being okay with trusting the doctor's opinions and not worrying about our peanut of a child.
Boy. I get a precious mini-Seth. I always said I wanted a million of them.......
Weight gain?
When I get weighed, I look at the ceiling, so, I have no idea. But according to how i look, I think it's probably in the 30ish range.
Symptoms? My stomach cramps, and tightens, and my round ligaments send shooting pain down my side, but nothing gives me an Asa.
Food cravings?
It was nutella, then french toast, and I've satisfied them all. Now I'm not really craving much. If anything maybe some good cereal--it's like I'm reverting back to the first trimester.
Sleep? Relatively good. I wake up during the night but if I can sleep till four, I can usually drift back to sleep. If it's before four I lay awake for at least and hour and a half. I have no idea. Movement? Oh he loves to move. alot. to the point where I think he's going to bust through the skin. it's a bit uncomfortable.
Stretch Marks? none, yet. but i've begun to itch so I'm not holding my breath for a second.
Belly Button? the top part is out, bottom part is flat. it's so weird
What I am looking forward to?
alot. i really want to see this squirmy little guy. and dress him up and walk around with him in a sling right next to me alllllllllll day. but i also want to lay on my tum, and hug with my whole body. im looking forward to breastfeeding. and going into labor. and pushing. kind of everything that gets me away from pregnancy.
Pregnancy Moments with Seth: I just love and will miss Seth's flabergasted expression when he see's my stomach twist and shift, and "good griefs" when Asa kicks HIM!

Belly Photo: i look and feel just like this *scary* picture

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