Friday, October 14, 2011

Conversations with A Newborn


"Are you lookin all around, Asa? Are you lookin at daddy's desk?"

Asa's eyes like blue marbles shift from side to side; his jerky limbs swing up and down.

"Well, we have plenty of stuff to look at in here; it's like a crazy old grandma's house in here."

Asa responds with his infamous and way-too-loud-for-such-a-tiny-guy fart.

What are those weird things going in your mom's hair?"

Asa watches as pink purple and green curlers go up in my hair. Gives concerned look. Probably thinking: finish feeding me, lady.... Nope. Gives another mighty fart.

"Hi, Bubs. Do you like pears?"

Asa stretches and begins to cry. Probably thinking, "Mom, quit with the blogging, give me food."

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