Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Cry-A Rant. Forgive me.

At some point I think I told myself I would never write about any thing political. I guess because it's too controversial and because I recognize i am often times way ill-informed (i kind of give up--there is so much overwhelming bs out there and i get sick of it--and give up--) But as I get older, I am less apathetic, and more sure of some things.

Politics is our national religion. God fits in somewhere after the distinguishing factor of Republican or Democrat. I would argue alot of people would say "I'm a conservative christian" or "a non-judgmental lover of Love. (translation: I was/am/could be considered a Christian but don't judge me, for I am very involved with liberal issues)" I've been both. and they both fail. They both are stuck up in being contrary to one another, and faithful to their political party.

So I see all this hub a loo about these occupy protests and critics of said protests; and I can say the right thing to my right winged family and friends and the left thing to my lefty family and friends. But we all are so greatly misguided. Righties: I can show you verse after verse about the wrath of God and arrogant cheaters and about giving to the undeserving (the entire foundation of Christianity is the sacrifice made to the undeserving), etc... And lefties: I don't know, do you know what you want? I suspect some repaying evil for evil? What do you want and what will you do when you get it? Are you poor and want to live like the rich? How will we all get what we want? I feel the driving force behind political parties is to provoke. For example, I did it, you know, first by feeling defensive and theatened by the "hippy feminists" at a war memorial in D.C. when i was 17 and then again with my unshaven pits and gospel of relativity and all at 19. But I'm not convinced by any of it anymore and I know: It doesn't work.

Nothing anyone is doing is working. And I'm kind of frustrated and annoyed and sad. I'm annoyed with christians that cry out on the streets that they have a right to work and to have health insurance, etc, I'm annoyed with christians that think "you just need to pull up your bootstraps, kids and you poor people." I'm frustrated by conscientious christians who argue for everything green and peace while they judge families who chose to have a flock of children. I'm frstrated by christians who dress up in expensive rags and shout about being the 99% from their computers and iphones bought on credit that's accruing more debt. I'm annoyed and frustrated and sad about christians who arn't pro-life and I'm equally annoyed and frustrated and sad aboutchristians who are "pro life" yet believe it's their right to carry arms and support capital punishment.

I guess that is what it is to live in America. To be constantly annoyed and arguing with each other. This is the way to keep each other on track (? there is alot of sarcasm in these past couple sentences). I don't know, it's exhausting, and maybe this is where Seth's mantra, "we're not a part of that story" is especially applicable. I don't really have to worry about all this--I can do what I believe is right. I can raise another flock in order to bring about the Gospel (don't be afraid--geez). And maybe this is where I can really rest in Jesus:

OH Lord, there is so much wrong with the world we live in today. I recognize I do just as much wrong by pointing my finger: you're wrong you're wrong you're wrong you're wrong. Deliver us. Help us not to contribute to the problems. Help us to bring about hope and peace (but not by making more turmoil). Oh come Lord Jesus, Come. Have mercy on us and forgive us. We've hopelessly lost our way. Help us to be bathed in the blood of the Lamb. Let us have Your mark.

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