Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 2010

I found a note on our kitchen table today. addressed to me. it was from seth and i am still looking at it. i think this letter not only exemplifies the beautiful character that is my husband seth, but also where our hope lies in this marriage. And really, how we want our marriage to "work." It is the relationship between not only ourselves but with our community, that is the Body. Since really we only know how to love due to the love that has been shown to us which is ultimately only possible by the Son, Jesus Christ.

We are now a month into this lifetime together and already we have been faced with some big descisions and big things to consider: the big ones being: buy or rent a house or an apartment (deciding to buy a house is big. so stressful; and we got back from the honeymoon and were forced to make a descision--quick), how does natural family planning work?? and the usual stuff like switching all the insurances, moneys, and names.....
"My Beloved Brooke, We are nearing the first month of marriage and, aside from the (mostly) care-free honeymoon, we have had cares and worries for a full year it seems. Through this and the many coming months together I want to provide icons as guideposts so that we can find our way. There will be distractions, discouragements and disaster but, I am confident that if we live virtuously and embody the grace so powerfully present in the life of Christ- in the narrative of scripture and in the Church we call our Family - we will be spared the clutch of Despair....."

Seth went on to give me another Byzantine icon of "Follow Me" which is an image of Jesus as the center in red and blue garments and surrounding Him, six scenes from the Gospels. I love icons. I think they are a brilliant way to communicate the story of Christ. I always joke that I learned more from my Art History 111 class at CSU about Christianity/Bible stories than I did throughout my youth and childhood at church and sunday school.

hmmm i don't know what else to say. it's way too hot. i like icons. my husband is really thoughtful. i need to practice my lines for the telenovela tomorrow. and there is a house inspector on our roof right now--at least he's nice and told me that we had our air filter in the wrong way.

awe....buying a house..........

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