Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the pictures are a biproduct of the work....the pictures are a biproduct of the work.....

i should have written about the things I want to do with photography, and why I value it, and why I want to do photography as a profession, but rather than doing that and saving my pride, I want to compliment someone who will never know me. There is this photographer in Brisbane, Australia who has the most beautiful pictures. He is doing exactly what I want to do, and exactly how I want to do it (dammit! births?! that's what I wanted to do. joking of course, maybe? originality is a strange thing to strive for.). Not only do the photos stand out on their own, I believe his philosophy and purpose and intent with his pictures are what makes his work little masterpieces. He's documenting a story, and not just the events but the very essence of the environment in which the events took place. good grief, is it ever moving. Watch it. This is what I want to do: i don't know if he intended to show the family, the good life, truth and preserve it, but that's what i want to do. I am humbled by it. I hope and pray, actually, that it's something I'm already starting to practice.


and my reaction to these pictures?

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