Thursday, November 25, 2010

I blame college.

I was reminded this morning that some of my closest friends/family are not around. And that I miss them. I couldn't name everyone, but if you are not inside our little home across from the park, I miss you. My friend Sarah Evelyn made Seth and I a collection of cds to play on our honeymoon as we drove across the different states we were visiting. Not only are these some of my favorite musics, but they are also potently transportable--I am transported to certain ideas, memories, and hopes whenever i hear them..again. Maybe that's just music's nature--to inspire something.

There is this song that gets me everytime. Not only does it practically speak for how I want to conduct our home, but specifically, right now, for missing and longing after friends and family, "there will always be room at my table for you."

"And if the lights that lead you
lead you to my door
it will always be open
there will always be lights on
there will always be room at my table for you."

I feel very blessed. Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. Nice.

    If I were to add a verse it might go like this:

    And if you ask no more than everything I have,
    And if you demand nothing, but require all,
    Then we will both be satisfied with the abundant little,
    And the Great Without will leave our hearts forever.

  2. There will always be room in the guest house I will someday build for you.