Saturday, March 19, 2011

.it's called break for a reason.

So maybe I didn't accomplish as much as I would have liked on this spring break. It's not like I'll be behind, but I usually like to be ahead. Besides, I have tomorrow to put the pressure on.

But how can you work on a day when your husband is home, when all the doors are open, when our perennials are coming up and when the early spring plants need planting (oh, radishes how I can't wait for you.) I take a weird amount of joy in busying myself with chores around the house, like: finally making a linen closet out of the linen closet, laundry in prep for visitors next week(!) and experimenting with a new lunch. Look how cute:

These are actually quite tasty: layer yummy breakfast meats (I swear, this pregnancy thing is the strangest thing ever--when have I ever craved meat?), spinach (in a rueish like sauce), an egg topped with sea salt and fresh ground pepper. yum. I have been really challenged lately by the idea of really stretching my pantry and fridge. Eggs seem to be the go to source of protein for this family as I always try to cook less with red meat and more with cheap simple ingredients. Also, love it or hate it, I've been really finding some value in frozen spinach: I've been throwing it in everything especially when I feel I could use the green and when the thought of raw lettuce still turns my stomach a little bit.

I am around 15.5 weeks pregnant which means I feel alot better and it means that the idea of "baby" seems more real too especially as my waist begins to look more round than fluffy, and especially as I have dreams every other night of meeting the baby and realizing that it's a boy and that my prediction was wrong. I am able to go on walks with Julian and stay up past nine, and cooking boxed dinners just doesn't have the same appeal it used to a couple weeks ago. It's a good time, I'm starting to see the Spring.

Now...time to go plant some seeeeeeds!

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  1. Yum.. those eggs look good. Funny about the raw spinach turning your stomach. I've even heard from long term raw food women who eat massive amounts of greens daily that when they got preggers raw greens turned their stomachs too. Such a weird thing to happen! I guess I'll never understand that one. Oh well...;-)