Friday, April 9, 2010

I might be doing it a bit different.

I just started my seeds! Sure, I documented and listened to music on my macbook, so perhaps gardening to me is different from what grandparents would have done, but the seeds went in the soil and my hands were dirty and I planted something that will give life to the earth as well as my house.

As the school year winds to a close, so does my engagement to Seth Forwood. We soon will be married. It's so hard to do homework when all I want to do is prepare for the life and home that we will soon live in. I haven't touched my reading today, which in someways I think is a very healthy thing for me. I'm a bit of an obsessive student, addicted to As and I would rather put an appropriate amount of energy on this new life changing event: marriage. Sure, grades are great, but they are so temporary. This is what I am trying to tell myself. So, for the moment, I'm ignoring the homework, and focusing on our future.

After buying my seeds and supplies, I found an email from Seth waiting for me. It asked if we could include this slow song during our wedding reception playlist. I listened to it, and immediately found myself so moved by its feel, words, and theme. I kind of want it to be the first song we dance to. And so funny that I received it right before starting my seeds. It's a story of a couple tied to Creation, to virtue, to Love....yeah. It's a picture of the kind of life I've been trying to illustrate in these blog posts. Timeless in it's message, it's a song that tells of our grandparents' marriage and all those we hope to emulate. It's inspiring to say the least.

Here it is: excuse the video....I haven't even watched it, i just searched for Ryan Adam's "In My Time of Need" and this is what came up.

And as you listen you can look at my first processes with my seeds!

I am planting lettuce, cabbage, carrots, beans, tomatoes, broccoli, and basil.

I love Fridays.

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