Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"open this!"
Caleb, Seth's nephew, hands us a gold wrapped present for "Mr. and Mrs. Seth Forwood."

Though I loved seeing a card addressed to ....that, I replied:

"Actually we're going to have to wait a couple months to open it."

And Caleb interupts:

"No, a month and 29, no....[imagine an 8 year old furrowing his brow and counting out loud and on fingers] no...twenty....seven! One Month and 27 days!"

So, here we are, so close to the wedding. I thought it might be fun to post some about decorations. And maybe get some feed back as well....for the reception, we are using my parent's barn/large garage thing, for the dancing and buffet area, and we are renting an equally sized tent for dining. The problem is we have to move and clean all the things that are in the barn right now to one side of the building and block it from sight. We were thinking curtains could do this, but we'd need something 12 ft tall and gosh, i don't even know how wide. We need a cheap way to cover this area. I have one idea but i don't know if it's going to work.
I am going after this picture for inspiration. We're actually going to try to use butcher paper. yeah. across the width and cheesecloth to create the linen curtain framing effect. We should probably have a backup plan though......

Of course, we're going to have lanterns!

It rained this morning, and it reminded me of spring time last year. You see, after experiencing Michigan's glorious springs for a couple years, last year being my first year home, i forgot that Colorado could have an equally rejuvenating season. I love the way it remains chilly in the morning with a wide blue sky promising a sunny and green afternoon.

The trees will bloom soon.


  1. brooke that sounds awesome, and difficult. but doable.

    we've had heavy rains the past few days, but the blooming trees are beautiful. spring is a good time.

  2. you know, ruth and brent might have some good ideas for you... even though the barn they used existed for the purpose of banquets and such (no excess to clear away), they may be able to give you some good decoration ideas.

    i am getting in a car and moving in your direction in one month and 20 days.