Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ash Wednesday

Valentine's Day was Sunday and it was the best one I've ever had. I don't care that I keep saying that.

I've grown up thinking (and still think) the day is kind of pointless. Shouldn't we show love towards our partners everyday? And isn't romance just...well...pointless? And also the day is just so blatantly consumer oriented, so that's dumb.

So this year Seth and I decided to make dinner for some of our favorite friends, rather than having a dinner all to ourselves. And it was sooo much fun.

I was completely sick and stressed out with the two tests I had to study for while steaming the artichokes, breading the chicken, and making sauce, but with Seth's help and his kind kind words, I was able to focus not on the things that are meaningless (getting an A on a test should not overshadow more important things), but on making something good to gather people together.

Maybe the Spanish Test didn't go the greatest the next day (I will blame it on the cold, for I did spend days studying for that thing), but I did get to laugh alot at Seth's video game instructions, flying Spaghetti, and pictures.

I hope we'll have "valentine" dinners all the time when we are married.

Happy Wednesday!

And here starts the Lent season......

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