Saturday, February 13, 2010

Too.much. art history. II

I have been studying all morning, all day, and am rewarding myself with a blog entry.

While studying Byzantine, Islamic, and Medieval European art, "Say Yes to the Dress" episodes played as my background noise (I've been finding that I need to be in the middle of the house, not stuck up in my room, on my bed, if I want to get any homework done).

It's weird how a show focused so heavily on bride worship and consumerism can both anger me and move me...perhaps that's the danger and why i should not be watching it. But I like seeing the dresses (which can be works of art) and marveling at the disgusting price tags.
But it's when they show the brides actually getting married that I lose it. And then Kelsey and Larissa came home from their old housemate, Brooke's (I'm new Brooke), wedding, and Kelsey started talking about the details and crying during it and I started welling up again.

But after watching a couple more episodes, (there must have been a marathon?), I'm just amazed at how people act around weddings and preparations...
It's hilarious, mothers and sisters and cousins of the bride who act terribly. I kind of think there is no room for a person to tell another person how to look.

I'm lucky that my mom is really good about not saying really anything, aside from encouraging words, about the dress or the way things look. Actually, both my parents have been great about both maintaining a balance of 1. accepting my personal style, (i don't know if i like that phrase, but i will go with it just because it seems to make sense) 2. letting us know what's acceptable. And when I say "what's acceptable" I think I mainly mean that they kept me and my sister's feet on the ground. I don't really ever remember being told, "don't wear that" and I certainly have NEVER been told "that's not flattering" or "that doesn't look good." At least not until I've admitted it first.
But they have both maintained a sense of humor that I feel my sister and I both have towards clothes, appearance, etc. From Dad's term: "bun head" (a big knotted bun on the top of the head) to Mom's "okay" and "it doesn't really even matter" attitude, I feel we've (Lacey and I) been raised around a really grounded pair of adults.

So it baffles me, like so many things in this wedding industry, when advice (advice that hasn't been asked for) is given. Advice like, "that looks terrible, that's not you, i don't like it." These comments are coming from somewhere that is insecure, jealous, or controlling (which is so often only a manifestation of insecurity, and self-doubt).

So this goes to Momma, thank you for just sitting back in that chair and saying "yes" "yes" "yes" to every gown I tried on. Lacey and I always say how good you guys are. You've made things pretty good for us :)

Last night, Seth and I went to Catalyst for a couple beers (mmmm stout) and we were pleasantly surprised by the nights' band; they were this bluegrass group that was amazing. I want to book them for our reception. The other night at prayer group, Eddie suggested we have a barn dance...which i have no problem with, just as long as there's time for Michael Jackson, Daft Punk, and MGMT.

I kind of doubt that there will be a live band, but it'd be nice, right?

The other night I had a dream that showed me pictures of what our wedding will look like. I remember seeing my cute nieces in sweet dresses.

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