Thursday, February 4, 2010

One of the best parts about Planning a Wedding

One of the best parts about planning a wedding is knowing that you are going to get to see people you might not get to see as often as you did at one time.
For me, I am experiencing this as I facebook message (while writing this) my friend Anna in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We lived together for two years in this charming little house on Colorado Street. I loved it and I love her. And I am so freaking excited to see her again. I like to daydream about all of my friends (I have several traveling to the wedding from out of state) being together in this house I live in right now. I know it might be kind of crowded but after sharing 1 bathroom with five or six other girls I don't really think it will be an issue. Really I am just too happy to have everyone all together again: Hannah's coming! Sarah's coming! Christy, are you really coming!? Raeann's flying in from South Korea?! Joke, can we please dance to Kanye?!

I've told Seth this many many many times: I just want them all to come in one giant caravan.

So hurry up, get here soon! Let's live together again!

Now, if only there was a Marie Catrib's right around the corner.................

1 comment:

  1. woah! i'm a star!
    i can't wait.
    christy is really coming.

    oh: and the only reason it worked out sharing a bathroom with 6 girls is that we all only showered once a week. that left one extra day where the bathroom was just empty all day. that was julian's day.