Tuesday, February 2, 2010

can i indulge? pleassssssse?

There are some days that I just think constantly about the wedding, about the marriage, about how joyful I am.

Moved, I'd say. Maybe it's because I had another wedding dream last night where everything went wrong (which seems to happen alot in my dreams) but I still wake up so happy and so ready for that to happen. Maybe it's because I go to Family Night every Monday night and am surrounded by laughter, children screaming, good food, and relationships that become stronger and more familiar with each week.

And maybe...I get this domestic fever. WHAT? did i say that? yeah. What a change from my hairy days, right?

And by domestic, I mean. Communal. maybe?

Like this (from what else? "Preparing for Christian Marriage"):

"Marriage does not set a couple apart, but puts them in the middle of things. The romantic attitudes of our culture picture moments of love in the isolation of exotic beaches or intimate dinners at expensive restaurants. In reality, marriage sets our lives within networks of family, friends, and neighbors. If we hold on to the romantic idea we will experience these deep connections as a threat to love rather than as a wonderful opportunity to let love and hospitality expand in our lives."

Isn't that great? And then,

"Through sharing our lives in community, we can have faith that our married love will be transformed and reach a depth that we could not have imagined on our wedding day."

And when I think about these things my mind starts going to how we're going to spend our first summer together, how we're going to have a "Jesus Room" in our house, how we'd love to farm someday and live simply, how we plan to have children that will grow up to care for their friends, family, and community, just as our community has blessed us as we've been preparing for our marriage.

I think about community and I don't have to think far: I think about the community I was blessed with knowing in Michigan (at "Camp Fitzhugh" and at the Colorado house) and I think about our church family at Christ our Hope and how everyone takes care of everyone else's kids (you never know who belongs to who in that church--it's. so. great.) and I think about Family night and the way Seth, Abby, Amanda, Emily, Sarah, Mel, Clint, Dan, Ryan, Chris, Nani, and Poppa all have different ways of interacting and teaching those kids. Everyone is responsible for caring for each other, and I think that is very good.

sigh. I actually started this not knowing what I was going to write about. I just like being in the habit of writing something. I was really only going to post some pictures--of my handsome husband- to- be, mainly :)

Caring for Grace. This picture (taken in 2005?) maybe my favorite picture of Seth.

Julian is my son.

The look alikes: James Andrew and Seth James

I need to photoshop my mom and dad, who took this picture, into this image. But here we are, the Forwood/Stoddard clan.

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