Saturday, January 16, 2010

The 1st of June

We're flying to Boston!

I know that the poll is still up and running on the wedding website but we have made our honeymoon plans. We're going east and staying for a majority of the time in Vermont.

I was intrigued when I saw a yahoo article about "greatest fall drives" and Vermont was included in the list. Granted, we won't be there in the fall, but I figure those changing leaves come from beautiful lush green trees that bloom in the spring and thrive in the summer. When we started initial research we read about farm stays and this was very appealing (gathering your own eggs for breakfast?? yes!!)
So we'll be staying for a night at Shepherd's Hill Farm as well as a weekend of our ten day trip at the Apple Butter Inn. Seth's parents took there honeymoon to the east coast and stayed at the Inn, and try to visit frequently, so it was nice to get our handwritten confirmation letter back with "give our regards to your parents" written near the bottom.

We'll be staying in this room:

Spending some time at Nantucket:

And in Woodstock, Vt:

Happy Weekend: next weekend, homework.


  1. This looks so amazing!! I got to spend a bit of time in Cape Cod one summer and have always wanted to go back with Dustin. Perhaps we'll retire there as lighthouse keepers living in a little cottage on the side.
    You two are going to have a beautiful honeymoon...

  2. We loved LOVED the east coast! It's so romantic and timeless! If you want to take an old fashioned train ride...the Green Mountain Railroad. We went from Bellows Falls to their Chester Depot. It's about two hours round trip if I remember correctly and the tickets are about $15. There are two covered bridges along the way, and even though it's not autumn, it should be beautiful scenery in May/June.

    It's going to be a great trip!