Thursday, January 21, 2010

the knot says: 128 more days to go

I have nothing important to write about. I am just trying to get through this first week back at school, after which, I hope to have more to say.

But since most of the save the dates have been sent out, I thought I could write more about the wedding plans.

Our colors are grey and yellow. I think grey is such a gorgeous color. I got the idea when I saw this color palette on The Bride's Cafe:

The grey that the bridesmaid dresses turned out to be is more light and silvery, but still beautiful. I don't think I'm really drawn towards colors, and both Seth and I wanted a country-like wedding so there's going to be a lot of neutrals: think dried grasses, brown twigs, and the like. Really the only color during the ceremony will be in the bouquets.

I got this idea from this wedding featured on the Bride's Cafe:

Their bouquets are so amazing. Okay, what else?

Susan at Palmer Flowers suggested that I have tiny wild looking ocidium orchids to add more wildness to my bouquet. I'm really excited to see how they will look.

And we are also having these craspedia flowers in some of the arrangements:

And all of this will take place here:

At my parent's house; we will all dance in that barn. I took this picture in October 2008, and I am hoping for an equally incredible evening sky.

More later, now it's time for more school.

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  1. i never thought about grey and yellow ever, until three days ago when natalie asked me to knit her a grey and yellow tea cozy.... and i love it! it is so beautiful.