Friday, January 29, 2010

Miss Independent

There is this song that I love listening and singing's just so catchy. but, it's terrible. "Miss Independent" by Neyo.

I don't really understand why this song was written. Is it to give women the idea that men exist who like girls that are independent and strong? I can't help think it has ulterior motives. It's taking for granted the desire of many to be desired. And it's like the writers thought, "how do we seduce women in a new way, or how do we appeal to a new audience--the types who work, go to school and who have real lives independent of drama and attachment....I know, glorify the ones who put their emphasis on figuring out their lives and careers rather than "finding the one," the ones that are "independent."

And what does independence look like? Oh, paying bills on time, paying off her own car, not needing "a man" all while having her nails done and looking nice! OMG do these women really exist?!?! dang. from the looks of the video I guess so? Men gotta have one of these Miss Independents and women have to be one of these Miss Independents.

But isn't it obvious that by reducing the very subject of the song (Miss Independent) to someone nameless, something other than encouragement of female empowerment is being communicated? Perhaps something that it is shallow and empty, twisted and confused? Or do we really need to see the music video to further see the complications and contradictions of this song?

Well, it's quite amusing to me so here it is, Miss Independent.....not

Seriously?!? Beautiful women working under him in an office? What more can a "man" (the stereotypical man and his culturally prescribed desires are frankly disgusting) want, like a million secretaries?? GAH! Everytime it tries to show the woman as "Independent" the point is immediately perverted by shots of her open backed shirt, her midriff bearing bra-like shirt, cleavage showing dress, and sexually charged dancing. So, how to get ahead in this male society is to 1. be in the corporate business world (plah plah plah) 2. to show off what "you got" while acting aloof to male attention. 3. wear tons of makeup 4. dance up on a guy (yeah...I know a stretch but what were they thinking?!)

Now the rest that I'm going to say should maybe be elaborated on in a different post, but all I'll say now is that Miss Independent is just as dependent as the rest of us. However, the kind of independence they are portraying is warped and damaging, especially since it's claiming to be one thing while really being another thing. It's communicating, "dress sexy so that you'll advance in the business world, land a good job, and get a guy on the side." It all seems dehumanizing.

But all this to say, I don't really think it's that important to be independent (gasp).

I am dependent on Seth as he is on me. I think this can only be a good thing. Because, together, we are trying to depend on something greater than the both of us....more on this later.

SO to wrap up this post, I want to say it's FOUR MONTHS UNTIL WE'RE MARRIED.

And I am getting so excited. I really like to look at old pictures from the starts of our relationship. So I'll probably start throwing them in randomly.

Like this one from my cousin's April 2009 wedding at the Grand Hyatt, in Denver. We were kind of lost and found doors with mirrors on them, obviously. I love Seth's hair long.

Happy Friday!

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  1. it does not matter AT ALL that the setting of that video is an office. the setting could have been completely different and it would have been the exact same music video.

    and the end. that she had to apologize and, um, make it up to him? yes, brooke, this is very messed up.